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Why I won't support Live Below the Line


I feel really uncomfortable about the whole Live Below the Line thing. As someone who’s come from situations where we didn’t have all that much (and had times in my adult life where £5-10 is all the money I’ve had for food in a week) and someone who works with young people who are in pretty dire…


I’ve travelled every way possible, and I’ve learned you need only two things (besides good health): some time and money.


Here is what I learned from 40 years of traveling: Of the two modes, it is far better to have more time than money.

When you have abundant time you can get closer to core of a place. You can hang around and see what really happens. You can meet a wider variety of people. You can slow down until the hour that the secret vault is opened. You have enough time to learn some new words, to understand what the real prices are, to wait out the weather, to get to that place that takes a week in a jeep.

Money is an attempt to buy time, but it rarely is able to buy any of the above.


Kevin Kelly explores why more time is better than more money in a beautiful meditation on travel.

Complement with some advice on travel and life from Founding Father Benjamin Rush, then learn how to worry less about money and why time gets warped while we’re on vacation

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When I first started traveling it was all about finding places better than where I’d been, but as it goes on it’s more often that I find places that help me love where I am.





So my Irish friends are staying in the Artto Hotel in Glasgow. I walk them round, thinking I’ll get a taxi at Central Station, but before we say goodbye a final drink is suggested. Just come in for a quick one, they say. Aye, why not. We walk in and I’m immediately questioned by the…